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The explosion is the iPhone Eighth Plus

Apple recently unveiled the new three flagship iPhone. One of these phones is the iPhone Eight Plus. The explosion of this phone was found in the news. Taiwan's iPhone Eighth Plus complained that his phone battery was exploded while charging. He claimed that he was charging the phone via Apple's original charger. There was no harm to the iPhone user in this incident. But the phone is no longer useful.

Taiwanese news media reported that the explosion of the iPhone eighth plus username The woman lives in Taichung city of Taiwan He bought the phone last Saturday. The phone was going well till Tuesday. That accident happened in the afternoon. During the charging the phone swells and explodes.

Because of the explosion, the photo and video of the iPhone Eight Plus has already become viral.

Although the iPhone did not burn. But the phone's display has swollen the phone from the motherboard. It is understood to be the reason for the phone's battery.

The damaged phone was sent to the iPhone authorities for investigation. They check the phone and see what actually happened.

Earlier, Samsung's Note Seven went to the stage of the explosion scandal. Because of which the company withdrawn from the Seven Market Note. Even the production of this phone is stopped.