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Instagram Comments Threading Has Been Added Recently

Recently added commentary to Instagram Instagram adds threading to comments Instagram has recently been known to add many features to its photo sharing services, and today is no different. Unlike other programs, however, this time is just a small thing that has changed. Small, but important.

Starting with version 24 for Android and iOS (which is currently available in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store), the comment thread is one thing. It has created Instagram like Facebook, its parent organization, the social network threaded from the mysterious times  

So, from this point, when you hit the answer below on any comment on Instagram, your feedback will be combined in a thread - and the comments will be thread thread starter. It is painting all the centerpiece screenshots above. This functionality makes it easy to keep track of the various conversations in the existing comments on each post.

Although Instagram did not say it clearly, we assume that threading will work just as it is on Facebook, which means that you can not go under multiple levels - so a reply to a thread that will not already create a thread, even more sense thread.